16 March 2009

King of Thai Noodle House, San Francisco

Ran into this place late at night when my friend C needed food after a party. He was born in Thailand and ordered in Thai: fancy! Anyway, he said it was really good and so we ended up back there a couple of days later. There's one location on O'Farrell and one on Powell. The one on Powell has a deal right now where you get a free Thai iced tea. And their iced tea is so good! A lot of places make it too sweet I think. There's is perfect.

C recommended a dish with flat noodles and Chinese broccoli. I love flat noodles--like chow fun in Cantonese. I don't know exactly what the Chinese broccoli was; I thought it would be choi sum but it was a little bitter, like mustard cabbage. I loved it! I got it with chicken, which was fine, but next time I would try it with pork or beef.

D had pad thai and C had another noodle dish. Everything was awesome!

San Francisco Sweets

We spent a lot of time in Westfield, the fancy mall at the corner of Market and Powell. There's a food court in the bottom that has a Peet's, a Beard Papa, and a gelato place called Melt. There was also like Korean food, a Whole Foods-type deli, bar food, um... yeah I didn't eat any of that.

So, first the gelato. A couple of my friends went here everyday! The vanilla had specks in it! They advertised that it was like natural flavors and stuff. You know, whatever, I don't really pay that much attention to that kind of stuff but I know it is a good thing. A small was about $3.50 and you could also get a larger double-scoop for maybe $1 more. I got the stracciatella, which I have loved since I got it at Barnes and Noble in the Lansing Mall. It is like chocolate chip ice cream, except with chocolate shavings (or shrapnel as we termed it in high school). If you've never had gelato--or like me just forgot what it was like--it's lighter than ice cream. Sooo good... I was also curious about an affogato style they had: gelato with espresso. I've seen Barnes and Noble drinks advertised as affogato style; I guess this is where it comes from.

Next, Beard Papa cream puffs. I just had to get one... got a vanilla... I think strawberry is my favorite, but they didn't have it that day. The pastry seemed crispier than the ones I've had in Hawai'i--then again, maybe I usually eat them after they've been in the fridge for a day or two... the taste of the pastry seemed not as good... but maybe it's all in my head. I've heard Beard Papa tastes different everywhere, so I'm experimenting with that idea. lol.

Not sure what I need to say about Peet's. I hadn't had it before, just heard great stuff from Julie and others. It was awesome... I walked two extra blocks for Peet's!