28 April 2010

Chun Wah Kam

Nothing new but I gotta say how much I love Chun Wah Kam. I had it for lunch like four days in the past week. The last two times were leftovers from Sunday, but still yet. I think everything there is good! Kea always gets the manapua, pork hash, half moon, and all that kind. I usually get a mini-plate with chow fun and often get szechuan eggplant or mapo tofu. Or anything else with nice veggies inside. Last Friday, the chow fun didn't look so good so I got duck fried rice instead. Was so good. From what my parents bought on Sunday, I liked the Hong Kong noodle and beef asparagus. The roast pork was too porky for me; I like pork, but I like it with vegetables I guess. They also bought this like yellow udon fried noodle; I didn't really like that one either.

Also, they got so many choices that there's something for everyone. Always got at least some vegetarian options. And when we took our picky 8-year-old nephew, he got furikake rice with orange chicken.

photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/hawaii/2579171534/

Kunio in Waikele

Was looking for soup on the Leeward side and ended up here. I ate here couple times before. I think those times my parents paid so I got sushi. Plus it was when we were still living in Michigan and would only be in Hawai'i for the summer. This time I got udon. I was glad that they had an udon with all kind toppings (nabe udon). Had shrimp tempura, egg, enoki mushrooms, bamboo shoot... maybe more too. I forget already. It was kind of bland for me though. It fulfilled my desire for soup, but I rather have Gomatei or Taiyo

19 April 2010

Pizza Bob's in Haleiwa

Kea's favorite North Shore restaurant is Cholo's so we usually eat there. I kinda wanted to check out other places, but Cholo's is good too... Anyway, we didn't have time to wait for a table at Cholo's this time. Were going to go to Kono's, which a friend recommended, but they were closing.

So it was the perfect opportunity to try one of these other places out. I hadn't been to Pizza Bob's since high school. I remembered that one of my friend's and her family liked it, but I couldn't really remember much about the food.

Luckily, we were pleased. The three of us shared a large Roberto's ($28), which included eight slices. It was a bit pricey and not as large as we expected, but it was good. The tomato sauce was really herby, the crust had a good texture, there were a lot of toppings, and overall, it had a home-made taste. Our friend also ordered Portuguese Bean soup, which he said was good. It came with two huge pieces of bread that looked yummy and filling. I think maybe they were made from pizza dough or something.

And while Cholo's had a 30-minute wait, we got in right away here. They had a covered outdoor-seating area that looked nice too. Oh, and the water came with a slice of lemon--always a nice touch.
Photo credit: http://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/s6HMN6yE8loewSXOiwDFPQ?select=9t_GOUVFTBeKZY9GH10ajw

17 April 2010

Hokulani Bake Shop

Yum... had a guava cupcake at a baby party today and it was so good. The guava flavor tasted real, not like other guava cakes I've had. And the frosting was good too; my guess is that it was a variation on cream cheese frosting. The host of the party said the lilikoi is good too. I definitely want to try it and this place is going on my list for omiyage.

(Photo from Hokulani Bake Shop website.)