22 February 2009

Rachel's Wickedly Delicious Yogurt

A couple of people in my program are all into this yogurt, claiming they can't eat Yoplait anymore and stuff.

I usually eat Yoplait and consider it something of an indulgence compared to the other brands. Cuz we never bought Yoplait when I was young. Maybe the cost has come down since then? I am kind of sick of even Yoplait though, just not in the mood for yogurt anymore.

I think I have to try this stuff though, even though it is only carried by Whole Foods here (and in Honolulu, in case you were wondering), which probably means it will be super expensive. Okay so I figured it would be on the pricy side anyway, but still... I also hate their categorization of some of their flavors as "Exotic" but whatever, they sound good. Especialy the Vanilla Chai--I think I will try that one first.

I'm also interested in their cottage cheese, especially the savory ones: Cucumber Dill, Sun Dried Tomato Pesto. I am usually more interested in savory than sweet flavors. And I love cottage cheese! I remember hearing a critique about how it was like the crappy diet version of real cheese, but I never knew that! When I was little we would eat it with canned peaches, pears, or pineapples. I loved having some salt with my fruits. I guess we stopped eating it when we grew out of canned fruit, but I never knew it was a diet food until I was like a teenager or something. I guess I didn't know what a diet food was until then... but anyway, just wanted to share this find, which I am hoping to try soon!