04 September 2010

The Big Frozen Yogurt Challenge

I guess it's probably been the past year or so that we've been trying all the different frozen yogurt places around town and I've come to define my own ranking and a sense of the strengths of each of them. You might think this is sad, but I think it is also useful.

Milano Freezer: We used to go here a lot because K's friends love it. They primarily serve gelato, which is also awesome, but they also serve some frozen yogurt. One shortcoming with the frozen yogurt is that they only have original and one other flavor (like blueberry). The original is really good though and I think Milano Freezer has the freshest fruit toppings (e.g. strawberries).

Menchie's: I've eaten here quite a bit too. I guess because I live near one. I like their cake batter, cheesecake, original, and red velvet flavors. Their fresh fruits aren't always the best.

Yogurtland: I've only been here a couple of times. Went because of their Tokidoki promotion and because it was the first of the new frozen yogurt places I'd heard of when they first opened near UH a few years ago. The yogurt seemed very runny to me, like it was messy getting it out of the dispenser. The texture also seemed more icy than creamy to me. Overall, I'm not a Yogurtland fan yet. Both times we went, it was just before closing though so this may have caused some of the problems.

OrangeTree/OrangeGrove: My favorite thing about this place is the bubble and jelly toppings. My favorites are the yogurt, lilikoi, and lychee bubbles. It's been awhile since I went here so I can't even remember what flavor yogurt I like!

Cherry On Top: The best thing about this place is their chocolate yogurt. Chocolate flavors at other places like OrangeTree/OrangeGrove and Menchie can be a little weird. I had thought that maybe chocolate flavor just didn't translate well to frozen yogurt, but this place proved me wrong.

Tutti Frutti: Like OrangeTree/OrangeGrove, this place also has bubbles and jellies. I think they have a greater selection of toppings (or maybe just different ones) than other places too. I was surprised to see just about every kind of M&M (plain, peanut, coconut, pretzel, etc.) available, for instance. I also managed to put together a breakfast-themed snack here: coffee yogurt with granola and coffee jelly on top.