24 July 2011

Koloa Mill Ice Cream & Coffee

We were in Koloa yesterday, taking Olive to meet her great-grandma. Kea, Olive, my mom, my brother, and I took the 9 am flight in and spent the day at great-grandma's house with various uncles and aunties. By 3 pm, Olive was cranky but refused to take a nap and Kea and I were ready for our second coffee of the day so we went for a drive. We stopped by blow hole and then the little commercial area in Koloa near Sueoka Store. We stopped by Koloa Mill Ice Cream & Coffee and I was not expecting much.

First happy thing was that they saw my local driver's license when I opened my wallet to pay and gave me a discount. Second, the iced coffee is just about the best I've ever had. Smooth. Third, the iced mocha was also good--not too sweet. This place is super awesome. I want to go back! They also have locally-made Roselani ice cream--and plenty flavors too, not just the kind they sell in the grocery store.