20 March 2011

Tea at 1024, Honolulu

Went here for my cousin's bridal shower yesterday. I was excited because I've always wanted to try it. You get to choose your own teacup to use from off the shelves. Just a little thing that is fun. This is the one I picked.

They also have hats and boas to wear, which is kinda cute.

They gave us their house tea first, a black tea with raspberry and rose petals I think they said. I didn't think I'd like the rose, but it was good. Later they asked us if we wanted to try another tea.

Food was good. There were sandwiches, of course. My favorites were the smoked salmon, curry chicken, crab and olive, and cucumber. The egg salad sandwich was a bit boring and the cheese sandwich was strange. The scones were good and hooray for clotted cream. Idk what that stuff is but it's so good. I wouldn't know what to do with it besides put it on scones though.

Desserts were also good--and pretty. In the glasses is some kind of lemon dessert. In the chocolate cups is chocolate mousse; I think they said it was chocolate haupia, but it just tasted like chocolate to me. And the flower-shaped thing is like a brownie with a molten center.

I've had tea at Waioli Tea Room before and can't decide which I like better!


At 9:10 PM , Blogger Julie said...

Sounds like fun! I bet my sister and J would love it there. :) And the teacup you picked was lovely!


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