12 August 2010

Bianelli's Pizza in Kona

Kea and his mom took me to Kona for my flight home on Wednesday. Kea's mom had to stop by AT&T and we thought we'd grab lunch nearby. There was a Subway, Korean food place, Safeway, Blazin Steaks, and Bianelli's Pizza. Usually I think we'd go for Korean, but Kea has not been in the mood for that lately. We were curious about Bianelli's, but cautious for a couple reasons:
  1. It's located in a health food store. Seemed kind of strange. I mean, I am not opposed to health food at all, but it doesn't always seem the best direction to go in for pizza.
  2. It's in Kona.
In reality, A and B overlap. Together, they gave us cause for concern that it would be expensive. We were pleasantly surprised. We ordered a deep dish with mushrooms, ham, garlic, and spinach. This was to split between three of us and it cost about $18. (I was also eye-ing their lunch special: $6 for slice, soda, and salad.) As the clerk informed us, it was 6 slices.

It was enough for the three of us (with Kea being a big eater and me and his mom pretty small eaters). I'm not sure if everyone really had their fill, but I sure did with my share. I think it would've still been pretty reasonable if we had added on a salad or something too. The garlic was whole, marinated cloves; that was a highlight. The crust was nice and crispy; the clerk mentioned that it was twice-baked. Overall: delicious.

The one down-side was that it wasn't deep dish! Kea and I have come to expect this. You really can't get deep dish this far from Chicago. So, that's barely a knock on Bianelli's. Still good pizza!