28 April 2010

Chun Wah Kam

Nothing new but I gotta say how much I love Chun Wah Kam. I had it for lunch like four days in the past week. The last two times were leftovers from Sunday, but still yet. I think everything there is good! Kea always gets the manapua, pork hash, half moon, and all that kind. I usually get a mini-plate with chow fun and often get szechuan eggplant or mapo tofu. Or anything else with nice veggies inside. Last Friday, the chow fun didn't look so good so I got duck fried rice instead. Was so good. From what my parents bought on Sunday, I liked the Hong Kong noodle and beef asparagus. The roast pork was too porky for me; I like pork, but I like it with vegetables I guess. They also bought this like yellow udon fried noodle; I didn't really like that one either.

Also, they got so many choices that there's something for everyone. Always got at least some vegetarian options. And when we took our picky 8-year-old nephew, he got furikake rice with orange chicken.

photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/hawaii/2579171534/


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