23 January 2010


Another frozen yogurt place, but I like this one a lot. I think this might be my favorite, mostly for the toppings. They have these different flavored balls--I tried the passion fruit and yogurt but they also have mango and other flavors too I think. They look kind of like the big fish eggs and they burst in your mouth. They are so good! They also had mango, strawberry, and green apple jelly toppings; looked kind of like jello in syrup as one of my friends said. Another friend said they are really strong. Not sure exactly what that means. They also have regular, mango, and green tea flavored mochi and their strawberries, kiwis, and blueberries looked good too. This is along side other toppings like condensed milk, cheesecake bites, chocolate chips, oreos, chocolate sprinkles, etc.

As for the yogurt itself, it had a more cheese-like flavor. It matched really well with the blueberry cheesecake yogurt. For the original yogurt, I felt the cheese flavor was a little too strong. I ended up getting taro and coconut swirled and it was really good! I think the cheese flavor cuts the sweet a bit.


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