20 May 2010

Breakfast: Sourdough+ratatouille+fried egg

This breakfast is inspired by Town. And I'm so excited that I even took a picture. Well, I guess this is as aesthetically pleasing as my food gets. Yikes! Anyway, I'm no professional (chef or photographer, lol). Seriously I can barely fry an egg, but I was completely inspired by breakfast at Town last week. They seem to have sort of a formula going: starch + hearty, savory deliciousness + fried egg. In two of the dishes we had, the starch was either a slice of bread or some polenta. And the middle layer was either a nice slice of ham or--I guess you could call it a stir-fry, of kale, sausage, raisins. (I guess what I'm saying is that if I were to attempt that, I would stir fry it!)

It's kind of the Eggs Benedict model too I guess, which I only started eating a couple years ago, and then only at The Soup Spoon in Lansing, where they have a San Diego Bennie with avocados and spicy hollandaise. I still fear real hollandaise.

Anyway, I made this with some sourdough bread my mom had bought. I debated using an English muffin too. Next time. The ratatouille I had made on Monday. It came out kind of mushy and ugly; need to try that recipe again, but still yummy and thus perfect for hiding under an egg. I still need to work on my fried egg technique, but at least this time when the yolk broke, the whites were almost done anyway. That, my friends, is progress!

It tasted awesome and I think I have found my favorite way to eat eggs!


At 10:30 AM , Blogger pidoubleg said...

Awww. This looks amazing. We do different versions of this kind of thing all the time. . .pulled pork with green sauce over polenta or leftover pot roast over italian bread. I think it's a pretty excellent formula. And I'm excited you shared it on FB so I remembered to look :)

At 11:55 AM , Blogger Robyn said...

Yeah idk why it took me so long to think of it!

At 2:26 PM , Blogger H said...

wow this is a great idea! for some reason i've never though to make even eggs benedict myself. I think it would taste good even if i just fried the egg. and gravy instead of hollandaise. =D

At 2:26 PM , Blogger H said...

p.s. your egg looks really nice! and the picture looks delish. =)

At 4:04 PM , Blogger Robyn said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to add the part about frying the egg because poaching is too hard!


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