15 May 2010

Breakfast at Town

I've heard so much about Town, but somehow never went there until this week. I think part of it is that their website stinks. There's nothing like reading a menu (even a sample one) to persuade me to visit a restaurant. Anyway, my sense was that they were fancy and I knew that they use local ingredients. That was the extent of my knowledge. I read some Yelp reviews and learned that morning is sort of self-serve (The staff called it "counter service"), that they serve Illy coffee, and that breakfast is good--which I had heard from some friends too.

Anyway, nothing like having a friend in town to motivate you to go out and do things. My friend's flight was at 1 so we figured that brunch would be a good morning activity.

I ordered the polenta which was the best thing ever. I've had polenta a couple times before but it was never like this. It was crispy on the edges. The polenta was served with a fried egg, some breakfast sausage, greens (kale?), and raisins (or maybe those fancier sultanas or something). I have never been a fan of breakfast sausage but, like I said, this was the best thing ever. I also liked having all the greens.

My friend and I shared our orders so I had some of her bruschetta too. It also had some greens (arugula?), but not as much. Also had some really nice ham and a fried egg. Good, but I think I prefer the polenta, in part because of all the veggies. Also because the bruschetta was a bit messy; it was kind of like an open face breakfast sandwich.

Kea had the banana pancakes, which he said he thinks is just menu filler. Still yet it was good. Very banana-y.


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