15 May 2010

Hokulani Bake Shop, Part 2

Hokulani Bake Shop was another must-do on our list. Located in Restaurant Row, it wasn't too hard to find. The shop is small and looks like it's under construction. The cupcakes and cookies are gorgeous though! They also had onesies and baby t-shirts for sale that said "Made from Scratch." I thought that was cute.

Anyway, one of my friends asked if he could take pictures and they said he could but that he couldn't post them online. We were dumbfounded and think they are missing out on a huge marketing opportunity.

Luckily, the cupcakes are still good. I tried the guava, lilikoi, coconut, and mango. The lilikoi was my favorite. The guava wasn't as good as last time. Still good, but the lilikoi had a stronger flavor. The mango had actual chunks of fruit which was also good.


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