15 May 2010

Dim Sum at Legend Seafood Restaurant

I had some friends in town and wanted to take them to dim sum. One of them is vegetarian so I thought we'd try Legend Buddhist Vegetarian Restaurant, which is affiliated with the well-known Legend Seafood Restaurant. I wanted my non-veggie friend to have a "real" dim sum experience though so I called the restaurant to ask whether vegetarian dim sum could be ordered on the seafood side and vice versa. They said yes and I was very happy. (They also answered their phone and had someone who was fluent in English for me to speak to, neither of which I assumed would be true for Chinatown.)

Anyway, we ended up going to the seafood side on Mother's Day. We went at 10 am and it was a good thing because there was a crazy crowd by the time we came out at around 11. The host was very helpful and offered to bring two vegetarian dim sum--one steamed and one fried--for my friend. The rest of us ordered off the carts and menu as usual.

Legend is not my favorite dim sum place. Compared to some other places in Honolulu, it seems they focus more on quantity than quality, but I'm really happy with it as a place where vegetarians and omnivores can have dim sum together.


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