15 May 2010

Bubbies Mochi Ice Cream from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

After Diamond Head, we were all a little hungry. We hadn't had much lunch, but only wanted a snack before going home for dinner. We stopped at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf on Monsarrat and had some mochi ice cream. The workers were pros. They had no problem dealing with our decision-making issues and they put each of our orders (3 mochi ice cream each) in a covered cup. Very cute and perfect for taking in the car.

I had li hing mango, chocolate espresso, and chocolate strawberry. I would not order the chocolate espresso again; the espresso ice cream was awesome but the chocolate mochi was a little weird. To be honest, it reminded me of dog food somehow. The other two were both awesome. I am sometimes weird about mango, but this one passed muster. The chocolate strawberry had chocolate ice cream, which apparently Bubbies does very well, and strawberry mochi. *yummy noises*

S had green tea, which she thought tasted weird. She said she likes other places green tea ice cream but was not a fan of this one. I recall feeling the same way about Bubbies green tea ice cream. (Can't remember the other flavors she had...)

D had sakura and lychee. I can't remember his third, but I remember he picked things that sounded different. He's so funny. Anyway, he liked all of his too I think, but I remember a lot of yummy noises over the sakura especially.

I was also impressed that the mochi ice cream traveled well. I was driving and it was no problem for me to eat and drive simultaneously. The treats must have been really cold because I had to let them warm up for a bit before eating them. I savored them and there were no problems with ice cream running down my chin.

I was never much of a fan of mochi ice cream, but this week I realized that one of the best things about them is that they are small so that you can try multiple flavors!


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