20 August 2009

P.M. in Nashville

We had a late-night dinner at P.M. It seemed like that was one of its strengths--that it stayed open late. Another plus was the outdoor seating. It reminded me of being in Thailand. Is outdoor seating a tourist thing?

Anyway, I guess they are an Asian fusion restaurant. I really enjoyed the lettuce wraps. Also liked the summer rolls; to be honest, I've had better, but this is Tennessee, after all. The P.M. roll, which had peanut sauce, was also okay. I really really did not like the raw fish here. I suppose I should've known better. One of my friends also ordered the fried rice; based on the one bite I had, I was not impressed. I really hope my friends get to visit me in Hawai'i. I'd love to take them to have Vietnamese food and sushi in Hawai'i.


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