20 August 2009

Tennessee Coffee Adventures

Cornersville: A town without espresso
Spent a few days in my friend's hometown of Cornersville, Tennessee--where there is no espresso. Seriously, no Starbucks. Based on that, I've concluded that Cornersville is smaller than Kamuela, Hawai'i. Over the past few days, I've learned that I can drink weak coffee (Biggby's and Sparty's in East Lansing and old-school drip I guess) black. When I put soy, it gets that soy taste so fast. Anyways, this is a handy discovery--especially for those times when soy is not available.

Daily Starbucks runs

After Cornersville, we spent several nights with another friend's parents in Murfreesboro. These are like those kind of parents that keep up with current music. They also make Starbucks runs every morning--and not for the cheap stuff either. On the plus side, they've gotten to know the emmployees and will sometimes get their drinks comp'd. It happened once when we were there--between the five of us, almost $20 worth of free drinks!

I was also persuaded to try an iced mocha since that was the drink of choice of my friend and his mom. I learned/remembered that soy is much better in iced than hot drinks. And the mocha was not as sweet as I'd thought/remembered. Still got to be a little too much for me about half way through the tall. Maybe try one less pump next time.

Also learned that requesting a "teeny tiny splash of soy" for my Americanos gets me what I want.

Bongo Java and Fido in Nashville

Given the parental preference for (and treating to) Starbucks, I wondered whether there were other great places for espresso in Tennessee. We did also visit Bongo Java and Fido, which are related. They had some specialty drinks with cute names and their Americano was nice and strong also.


At 6:09 PM , Blogger Julie said...

How cool that Tennessee has 100% organic, free trade coffee shops! Do we have any here? Maybe that place in Haleiwa...


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