10 August 2009

Golden Harvest in Lansing, MI

I'd heard many stories about Golden Harvest but never had the chance to go until now. Apparently, a local coffee shop, Gone Wired bills itself online as "Proudly serving the second best breakfast in Lansing" because everyone knows Golden Harvest is the best.

Pre-eating: We knew we'd have to wait. Got there at about 11 am on a Saturday. The chairs outside were full and there were others sitting on the curb as well. My friend Stacey said it was the most crowded she'd ever seen it. Still yet, I think we waited less than an hour. I know there were times when we thought we wouldn't make it, but we held on!

Also, people went in and out grabbing coffee and other drinks while they waited. So apparently that is acceptable.

The other funny thing is that the waiting line is all honor system. I was all like, "Why don't they have a list?" But apparently you just have to pay attention and know when it is your turn. And the system worked while we were there.

Eating: It's pretty crowded inside. There are a several tables (mostly four-tops I think) and a bar. Between Stacey and I, we shared the omelette special with basil, tomatoes, and mozzarella with potatoes and two blueberry pancakes. The omelette was so amazing. There were red, yellow, and purple tomatoes. I've never had yellow and purple tomatoes before. It was just heavenly. The basil was fresh and the potatoes were also awesome. I love omelettes but toward the end, as I get full, they are always too eggy for me. I really liked the nice, fresh tomatoes and basil in this one to balance that heavy egg and cheese though.

The pancakes were magical. They were the fluffiest pancakes I've ever had and had a nice texture--almost like a crust--too. And a nice amount of salt. These pancakes were so fat that the blueberries were whole and solid inside rather than smashed. I ate it without syrup. Seriously. Just ate them plain. Pancakes are usually not my favorite thing, but this one was something else. Stacey suspects that their pancake and biscuit batter are the same.

Of course we ordered too much food. We each took home about half a pancake. It made a great snack later in the day--even cold.

More about atmosphere: Also, they played M.I.A. while they were there. What restaurant ever plays M.I.A? And about 3-4 employees asked Stacey about her tattoo.


At 8:51 PM , Blogger Julie said...

That sounds like a restaurant that my parents would love! They're always on the hunt for new breakfast places. They have red, yellow, and purple tomatoes at the KCC open market. :)

At 3:31 PM , Blogger ChefZane said...

Im so glad you had a great experience. We all work our ass' off, and this really really is aprieciated. Thank you, and hope to see you soon. Wednesday mornings arent to busy, come in and sit up at the counter...say hi!


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