20 May 2009

Johnny Rockets and Other Burger Musings

We hung out with Kea's friend Juan in DC. I guess he has only been there a few months so he doesn't really know anywhere to eat besides chains. We ended up at Johnny Rocket's, a '50s style burger chain. They have locations in Michigan too but we never went because it looked sort of cheesy, maybe a place for kids, maybe the kind of place that would be overpriced due to ambiance. Usually we go to Red Robin, Blimpy Burger, or even Steak N Shake.

We really liked Johnny Rocket's though. I got a Patty Melt and realized it is my favorite burger. I think the best thing about it is that it comes on rye instead of a regular bun. I'd forgotten about that. Plus it's a reasonable size, meaning I can fit it in my mouth and it doesn't fall apart. Red Robin burgers are way too big for me, which means they are messy and it's just too much food. I used to get Patty Melts at Anna Miller's; forgot how much I love them!

Also, somehow, Johnny Rocket's is less cheesy than Red Robin. I mean, Johnny Rocket's is super cheesy. They've got old-timey posters on the wall, black and white tile, a soda fountain counter, but somehow is still less cheesy than Red Robin's generic TGIF style decor. Our waitress also made us a happy face out of ketchup in a little ketchup dish. So cheesy, but totally cute.

We also had root beer floats, which were awesome. And Kea had some other burger that he also liked. A double with bacon or something...


At 10:12 AM , Blogger Julie said...

Johnny Rockets sounds like that diner that they used to have at Restaurant Row. What was the name of it? I know that you could shoot toothpicks at the ceiling.

At 10:48 AM , Blogger Robyn said...

Yeah, Rose City Diner. I really liked that place when I was young.

At 10:01 PM , Blogger Julie said...

That's right! And actually, I think that might be the first place where I had a patty melt. :)


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