21 January 2009

Teriyaki Time in Ann Arbor

This name of this restaurant doesn't sound promising, does it? It's been open for about a year and I've had no desire to go. We ended up going with a vegetarian friend though and it is good enough to go into rotation. It's a good value as far as portion size and pricing.

I had the teri chicken and gyoza combo ($6.50), Kea had the teri beef and katsu combo ($8), and our friend had (I believe) the tofu teriyaki ($6) and also ordered the vegetable tempura skewer ($2). I think her food was the best deal, now that I'm looking at the menu! I was glad to have gyoza and I think the only time I would have it is in a combo--because I usually don't need an appetizer! The katsu was good, though the sauce was not the best. The sweetness of teriyaki is not my favorite, but the teri chicken was fine. It tasted like simple home cooking. All our meals also came with rice and a side salad (not the best, but I'm always grateful for veggies--and it came with a great miso ginger dressing).

I'd like to try the dolsot bi bim bap, "spicy bits" (described on the menu as "lightly deep fried chicken bits w/ spicy teriyaki sauce"), yakisoba (which I'm not sure I've seen anywhere else in Ann Arbor or East Lansing), and kim bap. Not sure about the sushi as there are only two places in Michigan I will eat fish (Ajishin and Marnee Thai).

I think Teriyaki Time is an especially great place for vegetarians; that's why it's one of our friend's favorites! It's also a good place for vegetarians and omnivores to eat together.

(Photos from Teriyaki Time website)


At 9:07 PM , Blogger Julie said...

Does this place offer Chinese dishes too? I could go for some gyoza right about now...


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