01 January 2009

Old Siam Thai Restaurant in San Francisco

Heard about this place from others at the conference. Some of them ate lunch here everyday I think! It is located near the Hilton so I will definitely be back for my next conference in March. Anyway, I ordered a special they had: pumpkin curry with chicken and bell peppers. I'd never had pumpkin curry before and it was awesome--it was the Japanese pumpkin with dark green skin. The curry had the perfect amount of heat for me also. I ordered it with sticky rice, which came wrapped in tin foil. I thought that was a little strange--I guess it was to keep it moist? The sticky rice also was either hard in some spots (like too hard to cut with my spoon) or got hard as I ate (and I ate fast I swear). Still yet, overall, I was very happy and look forward to going back.

Oh also there is a sign on the building that says that in case of earthquake, the structure is not reinforced so... uh... yeah.


At 2:14 PM , Blogger Julie said...

Well, at least if you get crushed by the building during an earthquake, you'll die with a happy tummy. :)


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