01 January 2009

Akiko's Sushi Bar in San Fran

To be fair, my sushi standards may be low after being in Michigan for so long. And the sushi did seem to be good everywhere we went in San Francisco, but I enjoyed the sushi here. Only sampled a few pieces of the negihama and Swamp Roll my friend ordered. We both really liked the negihama. I am not usually a fan of hamachi--but maybe I am branching out. I am just really picky when it comes to fish and slowly breaking out of the same old same old ahi and salmon. I really liked the green onion. The Swamp Roll had ocean salad on top and spicy tuna and--if I remember correctly--avocado inside. The avocado was the best. I didn't even realize how much I missed having it. Couldn't really taste the spicy tuna with all the ocean salad. It was definitely a roll on the heavier side. Not sure if I would order it again, but it was fine.

We also really enjoyed the complimentary tea (I believe it was genmaicha--my favorite!) and cabbage salad. It was sort of like Japanese coleslaw--shredded cabbage with sesame seeds and light vinegar. So yummy.

What I didn't like was the udon. I know, why do I order udon at a sushi bar? I just love udon so much. But here, I ordered the veggie udon and was really disappointed with the flavor of the broth. It was just meh. On the plus side, it did come with a lot of nice cabbage and shiitakes on top.


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