25 September 2008

Green-Olive Chicken and Couscous

I came across this recipe in a Rachael Ray magazine feature on different grains. I love couscous but have usually prepared it to be eaten cold, more like a salad--that is, cooked it first and then mixed with vegetables and some kind of dressing. I like this warm preparation of couscous for moving into the cooler months and also just for something different! The flavor is unlike anything else I cook.

It is a bit tart so I might cut back on the lemon if I were making this for kids or other picky folk. I think the tartness might also come from the green olives. I don't know if they sell it any other way, but I've been buying jarred ones with pimentos in the middle. Anyway, I always thought Kea didn't like tart but he loves this so who knows.

I've left out the parsley both times because I couldn't find any. And the second time I made it, it came out a little soggy. Not sure if it's because I bought the whole grain couscous or because the chicken broth needs to be shorted. (I think I shorted it last time...)


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