03 September 2008

Making coffee gelatin

After trying the coffee gelatin at Mana Bu's, I wanted to try making it myself. Of the different recipes I found online, I followed this one most closely. Some others also added salt or lemon juice but I decided to keep it simple. I ended up making maybe about four cups of coffee--just cuz I decided to fill up my press pot. And I think I maybe only put enough grounds for two cups. Oops. haha... it was my first time using the press pot too so I felt very unsure of myself.

Anyway, it came out good. My friend Stacey was skeptical (as is mostly everyone I mention this too) but she liked it. Unless she is lying. Which she might. But anyway, I like it! Only thing is that I would make the coffee stronger next time.

Oh, and we had it with a bit of vanilla soy milk as that's what I had. That also worked well. I'd like to try making this for our next program party--hopefully next week! I want to get little containers with covers too.


At 5:34 PM , Blogger Julie said...

Yum, I like try! :)


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