12 August 2008

More Eggs on Hawai'i Island

When we came to visit in May, Kea's dad took us to breakfast at Hawaiian Style Cafe in Kamuela. We were super surprised because he never eats in restaurants. Anyway, we both ordered omelettes and were severely disappointed. The eggs were too thick. I ordered the veggie and it came with canned mushrooms.

We were amazed that so many people said this was the best breakfast place in Kamuela, although to be fair, the place hasn't got a lot of restaurants. Anyway, when Kea's mom took us to Pine Tree Cafe in Kona for breakfast after we flew in, I was wary. Kona is a more populous area and so I thought the food might be better. Plus the most appealing thing on the menu to me was the Fried Rice Omelette. I had it and it was great. It was like a mountain of fried rice wrapped in a thin layer of egg. Plus two pieces of bacon on top. Yum... Kea had the loco moco and also loved it.

A few days later, Kea's tutu gave us money and told us to go out for breakfast. We weren't sure where to go and found ourselves back at Hawaiian Style Cafe. First, because there was nowhere else to go. We also continued to hear good stuff about the place from several different people so we thought we'd give it a second chance. Kea's dad, after all, had had the country fried steak (I think) and eggs and seemed happy with his meal. We ordered very carefully. The omelettes were definitely out. I went for the easiest thing; I think it was called the Lite Breakfast or something: fried egg, rice, and bacon. It was awesome. Very generous with the bacon; I couldn't even eat it all. I got the egg over-easy; I wouldn't trust them to do scrambled after that disastrous omelette. Kea got the luau stew and also loved it. They used a good cut of meat, he said--it had enough fat. And it had been stewing at least from the day before. It was soupy, but still plenty.

Bottom line: Two options for breakfast on Hawai'i island--just gotta know what to order at Hawaiian Style.


At 9:34 PM , Blogger Julie said...

How cute that Kea's tutu gave you guys money to eat breakfast! Grandmas are frickin' awesome like that. :)

At 11:34 AM , Blogger George Isaacs said...

For us from Waimea town, Hawaiian Style Cafe has been the morning staple! It's not gourmet, but Waimea isn't Kahala either! Try the loco moco next time for the "broke mouth ono grinds".

At 11:37 AM , Blogger Robyn said...

Wow, thanks for the comment! Yeah, I know Hawaiian Style is a diner, but omelettes aren't that fancy are they? Anyway, I'm big on ordering appropriately for the location; I guess I just didn't realize exactly what appropriate means at that place. And I definitely know they're a staple--there's always a line!


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