13 April 2008

Tasty Twist

Went to Tasty Twist on Friday evening with some friends. First we had dinner at Sansu, which has just about the best Japanese food available in East Lansing. But that's not important. The important thing is that when we were done eating and totally full I was like, "Hey, let's study and then get ice cream." It's been a bit warmer lately--well, it was, but then it got cold again and snowed, but that is not important either. The important thing is that everyone got really excited. So we studied for a couple of hours and then went to Tasty Twist. It was totally too cold (well, like 50 degrees or something) but whatever. We walked over from K and S's apartment. We ran, cuz it was cold.

I had a caramel sundae with nuts and whipped cream. It was a little more whipped cream than I needed, but still good. K had a sundae with pecans--costs more but they looked really good. Last time I had a Twister, like a McFlurry or Blizzard. The best thing is the price. Most stuff is under $3. J had a chocolate marshmallow sundae--that's chocolate sauce and marshmallow fluff, not chocolate-flavored marshmallow. I hear the chocolate peanut butter milkshakes are good too.


At 9:01 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys are so crazy to get ice cream in 50 degree weather! Oh well, you should reward yourself for all that studying that you have to do.


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