01 January 2009

Roxanne Cafe in San Francisco: Not so good

The menu at this place looked good, but the food was only mediocre, there were some definite service issues, and--really--we should've known better when it was the only place in the area with no wait for a table! Ended up here on a mission for a place where we could get food and hard liquor in a big group. The hard liquor was a lie. This exchange should've been a tip off:
Me: Do you serve hard liquor?
Waitress: No, we have wine, sparkling wine, and mixed drinks.
M: What kind of mixed drinks?
W: Like margaritas, bloody marys.

I was confused about the lack of hard liquor and the ability to make margaritas and Bloody Marys. Based on what my friends who ordered Cosmos and Cape Cods said, they tasted pretty much like juice. Oh, and they cost $7.

Food was inconsistent. Three or four people in our party ordered the mushroom ravioli and some of them looked different than others--probably spent different amounts of time under a heat lamp. I had penne primavera, which was fine, but nothing special. (I don't know how special penne primavera can get, but nothing on the menu really captured my attention anyway. Too much cream sauce.) Oh, and my friend ordered mussels and some that didn't open in cooking were served to her. Apparently this means they died before being cooked or something like that. (I don't know as I don't eat them.) And isn't complimentary bread customary at an Italian restaurant?

On the plus side, there were some polenta fries or something that were pretty good.

But then it gets bad again. Tiramisu was served with Hershey's syrup on the plate. And then they said they couldn't split the check--that it would take half an hour to run several credit cards. Really? Apparently this is more common in San Francisco restaurants that (think they) are fancy as we had the same problem as another restaurant, but here, they were pretty rude about it. When the manager ended up taking care of it, he didn't even apologize for the problem or anything. I thought that was what managers did!

*sigh* Anyway, don't waste your time.


At 2:12 PM , Blogger Julie said...

Ew, sometimes attitude is all that a place has to offer, huh? Too bad.


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