17 January 2009

Giada's Spicy Baked Macaroni

As with hamburger mac, pasta bake's are not Kea's favorite either. I think he will like this one though. I chose this one over some others I've made before because it has mushrooms and doesn't have mozzarella on top. Previous times I've done pasta bakes, the mozzarella on top is kind of a pain. Maybe it's better if you do a real thin layer, but otherwise it is difficult to cut. (Or maybe it's cuz I use generic cheap-ass mozzarella?)

Anyway, I also added ground turkey to this because we like meat. I just browned the meat and seasoned with salt and pepper, then removed from pan before doing the veggies. Then I ended up adding a bottle of spaghetti sauce because when I mixed everything together it looked like it needed it. I think I also seasoned the veggie mixture with salt and pepper at one point because it didn't have any.

I also subbed rotini for macaroni because that's what I have.

And I didn't use butter because the lactose intolerance is crazy these days. For the bottom, I used olive oil--more because I was worried about the pasta sticking to the pyrex. And because of the lack of oil, the top didn't brown.

Anyway, it's awesome!


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