18 January 2009

Curry sauce for Curry Fries

I belong to--I think we're calling it a Dinner Party Cult--with some folks in my program. Every event (occurring approximately once a month) has a theme. First month was Stacks (stacked food), second was Breakfast for Dinner, there was supposed to be an Oktoberfest in there, and this month was British. I thought this month was hard! Kea found out that curry fries are British though so we paired up with someone who does not have to drive an hour to the location so we could make the curry and she could make the fries.

*sigh* This was an adventure. I guess Googling a recipe is always a risk. And I figured this one looked sketchy, but I chose it cuz it claimed to be British and it didn't have chunks in it. (I figured chunks of veggies or meat would be hard to pick up with french fries...)

Anyway, as written, I think this recipe is made to mix with like already cooked chicken and poured over rice or something. It's a really small recipe though. It would only feed like one or two. Even just as sauce for fries, I thought we needed more so I kept trying to stretch it with tomato puree and water, and then thickening as needed with cornstarch. It started losing flavor so I added more spices... but... something was still missing... I think probably to make more, it would be best to start by doubling (at least) the recipe. Onion and garlic was stuff I couldn't just add more of later.

So... I ended up throwing in a jar of Trader Joe's Curry Simmer Sauce. haha... it was Kea's (brilliant/cheaty) idea. That made it taste much better!

(Oh and just so you know, cardamom is expensive! So I subbed cinnamon instead. And I didn't know what "dried chilies" meant so I just used red chili pepper--you know like the kind at pizza restaurants.)


At 8:12 PM , Blogger sara said...

hey! i also did a breakfast for dinner - with all vegans. it was great. i advocate themed meals.


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