15 July 2009

Fish Steamed in Microwave

Last night, my mom cooked a fish I had never heard of before: swai. Googling turns up lots of information. Apparently it is from Southeast Asia, inexpensive, and sometimes sold as catfish, though now is required to be labelled "swai" or as a specific kind of catfish.

I'm picky about fish. I like salmon and tuna--though I will also eat both raw. I'm starting to like hamachi sushi too. I like opakapaka, mahi, and sometimes butterfish. And now I like swai. Also, to me, it doesn't taste like catfish. I'm not a fan of catfish; to me, it tastes dirty.

Anyway, besides this exciting new fish, I also liked how my mom prepared it. She cut it into small pieces (~2" square) and put them in a single layer in a corningware. She put salt, green onion, ginger, and some cooking oil. The ginger was sliced thin enough that you could eat it if you like ginger; I sort of like ginger but eating it was too strong for me. She then covered it and microwaved it! I think she didn't give a specific length of time for microwaving--just until it is done. When it was done, she put shoyu and sesame oil on top. Sooo good!! We had this and ribs last night and like I said, I'm cautious about fish so I would've guessed I would eat more ribs. Instead I found I liked the fish better!


At 9:09 PM , Blogger Julie said...

That sounds delicious and like something I could actually do! :)

At 7:33 AM , Blogger kristen said...

yeah, how long was microwaving? i bet you can do this with any kind of fish yeah?

At 8:24 AM , Blogger Robyn said...

my mom just said until it was done. i think she probably put it in and checked it and put it in and checked it.

but yeah i guess any fish that is good steamed would work.


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