10 February 2008

The Soup Spoon Cafe in East Lansing

Went to breakfast Saturday morning with SP, K, and SR. K suggested The Soup Spoon Cafe (1419 E Michigan), so that's where we went. It wasn't busy--at around 10 on a Saturday, but this was fine with us. The place was cute, walls painted in bold and vibrant colors, decorative tea tins lining the shelves. Has that indie feel.

I was disappointed with the menu at first. I prefer savory stuff for breakfast, but the menu was dominated with different variations on Eggs Benedict, which I'd never had before and was honestly sort of afraid of. I'm not sure the richness of hollandaise sits well with me anytime, let alone in the morning. They also had omelettes, but again none of them really interested me. The worst part was that in the make-your-own section, mushrooms were not an option! Sacrilege!

Anyway, I tried to get someone to just pick something for me and SP and I ended up sharing the San Diego Eggs Benedict and the french toast. It turned out really good. The hollandaise in our Benedict was a little spicy, which made me happy. The eggs also had avocado and tomato on it. Oh, and it came with potatoes. I love breakfast potatoes.

The french toast had strawberry cream cheese spread between the three slices of bread, which was awesome--although it was not the most appealing visually. There's a reason they don't put the strawberry cream cheese on the top layer.

Yep, I ended up very pleased though. Great food--although I think I would like to share one savory and one sweet again next time... but then I usually do prefer to do that at breakfast. Nice ambience. And we stuck around for awhile after, just catching up on things...

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At 12:23 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, I like savory foods for breakfast, too! That's funny that you were afraid of Hollandaise sauce. :) The egg's benedict at Mocha Java is pretty darn tasty.

At 2:48 PM , Blogger hfhcarp said...

Very good food. Excellent coffee, wines, whatever you'd imagine drinking. Real good atmosphere; waitresses are all hot which doesn't hurt matters.


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