31 October 2007

Buying oatmeal

You'd think
buying generic oatmeal would be no big deal, wouldn't you? Or maybe it is just me. In case you are wondering, brand matters. I usually buy Quaker--in bulk from Costco. Besides oatmeal is so cheap anyway that even the big brand is still cheap. The box is sort of unwieldy though so I decided I'd go with the supermarket brand. It was probably like a dollar for the standard round box.

And it was sooo nasty. I could tell before I cooked it that the grains were smaller. And after it was cooked, it was glue-y. So... I guess we will use it for cookies or something. Just wanted to share my experience... beware generic oatmeal...

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At 12:37 PM , Blogger Julie said...

Quaker Oats, baby. They may be a little more expensive, but they taste much better than most generic brands.


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