09 January 2007

My Favorite Teas

Winter has finally hit Michigan--for a couple days at least--and I forgot how cold proper winter weather is! Not sure if it's typical to forget every year or just because this is only my third "real" winter. In any case, even in the house, with the heat on, I had to make myself a cup of tea. Barnes and Noble also just introduced a new tea that I LOVE so I thought I'd make a list of my favorite teas.

Harney and Sons Chocolate Mint: This is the new one at BN. The mint is especially good for my tummy when we head to the bookstore after eating a big meal. The chocolate flavor is not really strong; just enough to tone down the mint and make it feel more indulgent. I may also like this tea because it reminds me of the chocolate mint tea I've had at places like Waioli Tea Room and Alice's Tea Cup.

Harney and Sons Bangkok: This is a green tea with lemongrass and coconut flavors, one of the most unusual teas I've ever had. I tend to like the savory more than the sweet and this one hints at savory flavors--it smells like curry! Also, it's fun to say "Bangkok." I bought it for some friends for Christmas but I think it's not for everyone.

Harney and Sons Pomegranate Oolong: Another one I've had at BN. Very refreshing. I think it's seasonal though because they stopped carrying it sometime in the fall. (It makes no sense to me to have a seasonal hot tea but whatev.) I bought this one for friends I thought might not like the Bangkok.

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Genmaicha: Another tea that satisfies my savory tooth. With bits of popcorn, genmaicha is one of my favorites. The brand from Costco (I suspect only in some markets) and Espresso Royale are okay, but Coffee Bean's is the best. I think if I could only have one tea for the rest of my life, this would be it. It's even good iced, which I would never have expected from genmaicha. I also like the Strawberry Cream from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, and that the employees tell you how long to steep your tea.

Harney and Sons Vanilla Comoro
: Occasionally useless because it's decaf, but still yummy and another good one for calming the tummy.

Tazo China Green Tips: Just a plain old green tea, which I am sometimes in the mood for. I also drink it, however, because there's nothing better at Seattle's Best. (This one doesn't really count as a favorite; it's just my favorite at Starbucks and Seattle's Best. Also, the Tazo site is weird so they don't get a link.)

Harney and Sons PanAsia: Another green tea, but better than the Tazo. Somehow this one satisfies my savory tooth also.

At home I drink the cheap stuff: Celestial Seasonings English Toffee Dessert Tea (tastes like it's got to have milk, sugar or something bad for you in it, but it's still 0 calories), Cinnamon Apple Spice Herb Tea, and Country Peach Passion Herb Tea. None of these are spectacular, but they do the job (of keeping me warm).



At 6:37 PM , Blogger Jules said...

Oh my god, that mint chocolate one sounds divine! I need to try that. Since the weather's been colder lately, I've been all about tea, too. Rachel just bought a sugar cookie one from Celestial Seasonings which smells really good and actually has a hint of sweetness to it as well.


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