20 December 2006

Sidetrack Bar & Grill, Ypsilanti, MI

Last week I heard about this place from one of my classmates. She said we had to try the fried pickles and sweet potato fries, and that the burgers were award-winning. We dropped by for beer and dinner on Monday night when a couple friends were in town.

First, the burgers. I don't really get what makes a burger award-winning. The burger was good, but... I don't know. Well, one cool thing was that they bring this bucket of condiments to your table, including a jar of pepperoncinis. Those are too hot for me but a few folks at the table loved 'em. And I can still appreciate free garnishes.

The pickles were fabulous. The first time I had fried pickles was at a diner in like... Iowa or Illinois or Wisconsin or something. I don't know, we were on a roadtrip from Chicago to Waterloo, IA. Why, you ask? That's another story--unrelated to food. The pickles, however, were fabulous. The only other placed I've had them is at Dave & Buster's, where they're served in slices, also good. Anyway, the ones at Sidetracks were spears and of course they were great. How can fried pickles be bad?

The sweet potato fries were also great. They were served with this horseradish/mayo/and maybe something else sauce. Yum...

There were animal heads mounted on the wall but they were pretty goofy, like bears and moose. Not being outdoorsy types, we couldn't figure out if they were real, but if so, moose are frickin humongous.

Anyway, I'm sure we'll head back to Sidetracks sometime in the future. It's a fun place, with a good selection of beer. And some of them are served in 25 oz. (aka huge ass) mugs.

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At 3:05 PM , Blogger Jules said...

Mmm, I would go there! I've never had fried pickles, but seeing as most food items taste good fried, I would definitely try one. Horseradish + mayo + something else = aioli, right? I like that word. :) And have I told you how I've been craving ham and beef lately? My mom made a glazed ham for Thanksgiving and it was fucking delicious! Must be the wheat reduction in my diet.

At 1:30 PM , Blogger Robyn said...

internet indicates that aioli includes garlic. i've had aioli a couple times but never really figured out what it is other than white sauce.

we've been eating lots of beef and we always eat a lot of sausage (in chili and portuguese bean soup).

i heard there is a wheat free beer... not sure if it's out already.


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